Why Edie Created

“The World’s BEST LEADS”

DVD Series

These guys are “natural born dancers” who have secrets only Edie reveals in this series.

As Edie travels to different countries throughout the world she experiences every type of lead imaginable. One thing in particular, is that certain guys are “born natural Leads” and keep getting better, while others tend to stagnate.

What is it about certain men’s leads that make women feel sssssooooo good?
As an ambassador of this dance, Edie took it upon herself to teach and perform in sixty-three (63) different countries throughout the world and select the top male dancers – not necessarily the top performers, nor top teachers – but top “social dancers” for a unique DVD series she was producing. She then asked if they would be interested in creating QUALITY DVDs that showed the secrets of their leads with the world.

What she was looking for were social dancers who made her “feel good” on the floor – not just some guy putting her into a ton of convoluted turn patterns. She wanted the “feeling and sensuality” of that guy. What was he doing that was so different? “Why” does he feel so good?

As a World Class instructor, Edie’s passion is to share and explain to the world what certain guys are doing in their lead that makes them feel ssssooooo good and unique – to the last detail.

Now you too, can learn the SECRETS of the World’s Top Leads.

What was interesting is that when Edie was creating the DVDs with these top leads, she would explain certain aspects of their techniques that even THEY were unaware of.

Shocked that no one else was doing what they were, they now learned to “teach” what Edie pointed out to them.

As Edie teaches, she adds in her own Ladies Styling – complimenting their incredible techniques –
Why? Because their incredible lead “allows” her to fit in her style as well.

The ladies will see this, and learn a great deal as well.