Instructional DVDs and CDs
Instructional DVDs & CDs
Fine-tune your timing, discover the secrets to world-class performances, and more with a wide variety of informative and easy to understand DVDs & CDs.
Posture Braces
Regain your back strength and correct your posture with these popular and effective posture braces.
Posture Braces
Spenco Foot Inserts
Spenco Foot Inserts
Eliminate your foot pain when you use Spenco foot inserts. These high quality products make it easy for you to dance, stand, or walk for hours without experiencing any pain.
Arm & Ankle Wallets
Eliminate the hassle of carrying a bulky purse or an oversized wallet when you purchase a hands-free arm or ankle wallet. You’ll be able to carry everything you need easily and securely.
Arm and Ankle Wallets
Dance! Hair Care Products
Beauty and Health Products
Great products to keep you looking and feeling your best!
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