Ronald Weberink of Holland – Advanced Salsa Vol 1: #43



This DVD contains…

– Over 60 minutes of Intermediate to Advanced Turn Patterns and Techniques

– Detailed description of Leading and Following techniques

– Demonstration both on The One and on The Two

In this DVD, twenty different stunning Salsa combinations are shown in both directions, first to music, then demonstrated in detail both on the “One” and “Two” counts of the music.

Edie emphasizes why the lead feels so incredible and easy-to-follow. She explains exactly what Ronald is doing every step of the way to make the lead feel better and flow more naturally. Edie focuses on teaching the leaders how and what exactly Ronald is doing to make his lead technically perfect. These specific techniques are not normally taught ANYWHERE in the Salsa scene. Here, Ronald uncovers his secrets to a powerful, yet subtle lead.

Edie explains what the follower is supposed to feel, and how Ronald executes each movement with amazing accuracy and precision. The best leaders in the world should make this DVD part of their collection. For the ladies, Edie always adds in her own unique flavor and styling to each turn pattern as well. This DVD is perfect for the Intermediate to highly Advanced dancer.

A great gift for that special “someone” who thinks they already now it all!

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