Nery Garcia – Advanced Syllabus 101 to 106: #25


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“The ADVANCED Salsa Syllabus describes in detail all the REALLY COOL moves, turns, and spins that you can do literally in between the Salsa 101-106 Syllabus (Beginner/Improver) series!  The advanced Syllabus applies the same moves BUT adds unique moves the leader executes in a split second to make the simplest of moves appear to be ultra complicated, BUT REALLY AREN’T!

The beauty of Edie’s Salsa Syllabus series is the simplicity in the way the entire series is put together.  The ADVANCED Syllabus fits in perfectly with all the moves in the Syllabus 101-106 series like a hand-in-glove.  In the Advanced Syllabus DVD, Edie features Mr. Nery Garcia from the United States, whom is considered to be one of the top social Salsa dance leads in the world.”

Edie chose Nery for this series because of his incredible spinning technique, precision, and speed.  Nery also has the uncanny ability of making the woman feel good the entire song, no matter what level.  He executes incredible moves himself – without forcing her into anything she cannot physically do, making the most beginner of beginners “feel” like they can do almost anything!  

When the Advanced Syllabus DVD moves are used on an advanced woman, LOOKOUT WORLD – the couple transforms into the Best of the Best…”La Creme de la Creme”.Welcome to the upper Echelons of the Salsa Elite

The PERFECT gift for the improving dancer in your life!!”

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