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This Instructional Feminine Styling DVD, by far, is one of the best representations of Los Angeles Style Ladies Styling that I have ever seen.  Four World-Class instructors, Janette Valenzuela, Kathy Reyes, Omar Guttie, and Zulmara Torroes have put together an hour’s worth of powerful LA-Style moves, combinations, and feminine styling that will absolutely blow your mind.

Los Angeles has always been known for its powerful Hollywood-Style performances, speed, and spins.   Now the women of LA (And Omar) are dominating the world with that deliciously beautiful natural Latin movement that brings men to their knees.

What is great about this DVD is the instructors show every angle (front, sides, and back) of every move.  Two cameras were set up to not only show the overall views, but a smaller detailed / magnified footwork and arm styling angle can also be seen on the lower right side of the screen, simultaneously.

Janette Valenzuela-Stylizing the Basic Step
Janette introduces the DVD by simply “Stylizing the Basic” – but with a style that exudes classic feminine Latin styling in its purest form.  Ever since I can remember, Janette has always been a “Looker” at all the nightclubs.  Men seem to “stop breathing” when she walks by.  From head to toe, style and class ooze out from her like slow honey.  She makes every movement look easy, and explains with detail, layer by layer, every step, leg, arm and finger movement.  She is one of “The” original Ambassadors of LA Style for women and her basic says it all.

Kathy Reyes-Sexy Bachata Styling
Kathy is by far one of the most incredible Bachata Stylists in the world.  Her natural and beautiful styling is nothing short of absolute perfection.  The Bachata Feminine Styling she demonstrates is some of the best styling of Bachata dancing that I have ever seen.  Not only is Kathy a World Class stylist, but the way she breaks everything down, demonstrates her wonderful teaching abilities as well.  Each step is beautifully broken down bit-by-bit.  Close-up views enable the viewer to more easily comprehend the intricate details of every step.  I love the way she explains separate body part isolations and what to move and not to move, and when!   She truly understands her craft.  I love her shoes!  I hear that she rhinestones them herself.

Omar Guttie-Arm Styling Combinations
Omar Guttie is highly respected in the Salsa community as both a dancer and instructor.
What is GREAT about Omar is the openness of his free-flowing arm and finger work.   His arm and body movements clearly rival some of the top feminine stylists in the world.  His teaching is remarkable.  I love the way he demonstrates every movement piece-by-piece, then puts it all together in a beautiful harmony.  One can clearly see that he has worked very hard at his craft and has practiced to the point of absolute perfection.  When a stylist can make your heart sing, you begin to truly appreciate and understand the beauty of the art form itself.  Omar is a Master of his craft.  His technique is flawless, and his skills are devine.

Zulmara Torres-Cross Body Lead and T Stance Styling
3-Time World Champion Zulmara Torres teaches some of the most amazing styling I’ve ever seen during a simple cross body lead.  She adds her years of dance and competition experience to create the most beautiful combination of Tango styling within the freedom of Salsa.  The moves she teaches are beautifully executed, then broken down step-by-step with her dance partner, Abel Pena.  I love the way she uses the man’s power to power her “self” through every move.  The dynamics of her powerful style comes from the opposing power of her partner.  This is something only a world champion can execute very naturally on stage and on the social dance floor.  What is fabulous about Zulmara is that she is a great instructor as well.  Although her moves are relatively difficult for the average dancer, the way she breaks every move down is fabulous even for the most novice of dancers.

The only problem with the DVD is that it is VERY addicting, and needs to be about eight more hours long!  You will learn the most amazing moves, and amaze even yourSELF once you’ve mastered every step.  This incredible DVD will quickly become a timeless “Classic”.  It will certainly “outlast” many generations to come.


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