Joe Figueroa – Mens Styling Vol 1: #38



Here Joe demonstrates in simplistic terms how the man can add masculine flavor and style without interrupting the follower. One of the reasons why Edie asked Joe to do this DVD was because of his powerful styling techniques. “Simple but Deadly” should be the name for all of his moves. Joe has a way of teaching – breaking down the moves so that even the most “beginner of beginner” male can learn with ease. Joe’s background in Hip Hop and Techno have helped him develop and solidify his amazing Salsa Styling with attitude Each combination is shown in both directions.

Edie focuses on teaching the leaders the How and Why of Joe’s amazing lead while styling. In this DVD, Joe carries out each move with precision and grace,never allowing the follower to “guess” or “question” what he wants and or how he wants to execute it. The best leaders in the world should analyze and memorize every technique in this collection.

This DVD is perfect for the Intermediate to highly advanced dancer. A MUST HAVE for the Salsero in your life who wants to add raw masculine style, flair, and ATTITUDE to his dancing.

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