Joe Figueroa – Bachata Int to Adv Bachata Sexy Moves: #51


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Tired of doing the same Bachata moves all the time?

Get your Bachataddiction ON!  New DVDs with on of the “World’s Best Leads” Joe Figueroa and Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!  This set of DVDs will revolutionize the way you dance Bachata!  In this series, Joe and Edie technically describe the sensuality of the dance with sexy, but elegant turn patterns and figures, while also demonstrating stylish Bachata moves during the hits, breaks, and phrasing within the music!

In this World’s Best Leads collection, Edie demonstrates what Joe is doing in his lead that makes him superior to everyone else.  As in her entire “World Best Leads” collection, Edie explains the secrets of Joe’s hand holds, body momentum and placement, and the actual physics of “why he feels so good” .  It is ALL revealed in explicit detail right here.

Take her to a different level – Take her to Bachataddiction

She will NEVER want to dance with ANYONE else!! 

Their Bachata Musicality DVD is full of super cool moves that capture the true essence and romance of Bachata at its finest.   Practice catching phrasing and crescendoes within the music, while pausing to the breaks!  We also teach you in explicit detail how to give your partner sensual romancing techniques during the passionate sections of Bachata music.

The PERFECT gift for that special someone in your life!

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