Jazzy – Men’s Styling: #39



Jazzy and Edie are considered to be two of the top Salsa dancers in the world.  This professional couple brings to you their tips, tricks, and techniques they use to dazzle audiences with their high energy, unique style, and flair.   In this unique DVD, Jazzy and Edie demonstrate in explicit detail each turn pattern in literally two different directions and two different camera angles, both from the front and from above!

The user has the option of choosing whether they want to see the combination on the One or the Two beat of the music, satisfying both On-2 Dancers, and On-1 Dancers. Every combination is proven 100% lead able to virtually anyone you dance with.

This DVD demonstrates how men can make a visual statement with their lead – even if they lack confidence.  Making a statement with your lead, awkward situations, for example a taller vs shorter woman, the difference between a Macho vs Gentleman’s lead, are all demonstrated in explicit detail.

In an open-discussion interview, Jazzy and Edie express their professional opinions of the concept of men’s styling, what their meaning and perceptions are, and how men can visually and physically impress their masculinity on the dance floor.   The perfect gift for the man in your life!!

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