Fintan McDermott – Advanced Salsa Turn Patterns: #16



In this DVD, Fintan demonstrates twenty classic Salsa combinations that are simple, yet powerful. Each combination is very easy for the follower to understand, and feel good.  Each combination is shown in both directions.  Edie focuses on teaching the leaders the How and Why of Fintan’s incredible lead.  

What is he doing with his lead that makes it feel so good to the follower?  What does he know that others don’t?  Here Edie reveals those secrets, while she adds in her own Ladies Styling techniques that fit never allowing the follower to “guess” or “question” what he wants and / or how he wants to execute it.  

The best leaders in the world should analyze and memorize every technique in this collection.  This DVD is perfect for the Intermediate to highly advanced dancer, male and female.  A MUST HAVE for the Salsero in your life who wants to add beautifully executed turn patterns and combinations to their dancing

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