Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Salsa Steals Volume 2: #58



Learn how to “Borrow” a dance partner from your buddy for a few seconds DURING a song… without causing a TRAIN WRECK in the process!

“Edie, there is a real ‘Art’ to this … I caused a ‘train wreck’ the other day trying to “steal” a woman during a song. It ain’t that easy – but the look on the women’s faces when we do it… There is NOTHING like it.
I have a renewed love for Salsa now. This Stealing stuff is HOT!!”
– Male Salsero

“Edie, omg I was “stolen” back and forth between two guys at the Salsa club the other night,
The feeling was so awesome… I almost had an orgasm.”
– Female Salsera

“Edie, I love being stolen! It boosts my ego… and I TOTALLY FORGOT about my car being towed earlier that day!!”
– Female Salsera

Understand the Timing, Moves, and Transitions to make your Steals “SMOOTH and SEAMLESS”.

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