Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Ladies Styling Vol. 2: #37



Prerequisite purchase:  Ladies Styling Volume I.  THIS IS A TWO-HOUR DVD!!! Over a year of work was put into it, and I’m telling you, THERE’S A TON OF INFO IN HERE!!!! Not only do I cover styling techniques that will work no matter what type of partner you have, but I also answer a lot of questions about etiquette, style, when and when not to do certain moves, how to ask a guy to dance without looking like an idiot, how to politely say “no”, how to deal with drunks, how and when to wear a posture brace, T-stance moves, hijacking moves, (yes, I said, it “Hijacking”….!!!!!) AND SO MUCH MORE THAT IF I GO ON, YOU’LL GO CRAZY WAITING TO WATCH IT!!!

I also role-model partner and solo shines styling in a “Glamour Girl” outfit, a “City Girl” outfit, and a “Rebel Girl” outfit, demonstrating the types of styling moves you can do, not only with different outfits, but when you’re in different moods. The moves are demonstrated both on the “One” and the “Two”, and though named level II, the moves range from Beginner through Highly Advanced.  This is the perfect gift for any woman who wants to look and feel great out there – no matter what she’s wearing, what type of mood she’s in, or what partner she ends up with!   She’ll just love it!

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