Comfort Slip-In Insoles For INSTANT Foot Relief!

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With a pair of high-quality scissors, cut them the same shape of your shoe insole.

Custom-Fits to the “shoe insole” – not your foot shape!

  • Extra layer of comfort.
  • Lightweight cushioning protects against impact and reduced friction helps prevent blisters.
  • Fits in any shoe or boot and over custom orthotics.
  • Seven sizes fit any shoe or boot.
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for one full year.size-chart

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1 review for Comfort Slip-In Insoles For INSTANT Foot Relief!

  1. Esmeralda

    I have been reading your articles and listening to the DBM for the last few weeks. I followed your advice for buying Spenco insoles. The reason why I did it is because for the last 2 months I’ve had the weirdest hip pain (just one hip) and I could not figure out why. Then I came across your article about insoles but I was skeptical about them and didn’t buy them. In the meantime, the pain persisted. Then, I heard about those insoles again in the DBM course and I said “ok, let’s give them a try.” And even when they arrived I still didn’t use them right away because I have never had any insoles that actually work. So the insoles were sitting on my shoes rack for about a week. It wasn’t until about 7-10 days ago that I started using them in my regular walking shoes that I use every day for work.

    Those Spenco insoles!!! I don’t know what they are made of or who created them but they work!!! My hip pain slowly decreased. It’s not 100% gone yet but there is about 85% improvement! I am excited about buying new dance shoes which are half a size bigger so I can put the insoles in them. I feel like I am walking on soft pillows but at the same time I feel that there is support. It’s awesome!

    Thank you for sharing this great invention with all of us!

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