Alex Lima – Advanced Salsa Fun Combinations – Partnerwork: #23


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Over one hour of moves and combinations

  • Detailed explanation of the steps
  • Selection of the number of music loops at the end of each explanation
  • French and English subtitles
  • Suitable for Intermediate dancers
  • Will Improve and highlight your performance
  • Bonus Tracks include interview and Alex’s performance

Alex Lima DVDs – Review by Damon

“Although these DVDs are in French with English sub-titles, Alex Lima is such an amazing dancer with such great moves it’s worth the extra effort.  Besides, movement has it’s own language anyway.

This DVD has alot to offer.   It is targeted for at least intermediate level dancers as it moves at a medium to faster pace. The scenery back drop is the best I’ve ever seen. Alex and Edie are dancing on a beautiful ocean front on the Southern coast of France- you almost feel like you’re there.  It’s “refreshing” in many ways.  In addition, the production values are excellent.  The video quality is great, the music is excellent, it’s enjoyable to watch, and a nice challenge to up your game.  In addition, you have the option to view the practice part either 1, 3 or 5 times which is an awesome user friendly feature so you don’thave to run back to your computer every 10 seconds to re-play.

There are also multiple angles which is found in so many of Edie’s DVDs! Lastly DO NOT MISS Alex’s musicality performance at the end of the DVD.  It’s mind blowing.

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