2 DVDs for $34.99

Musicality Moves with Peter Fige Instructional DVD

Included are three improvised dance demonstrations, and a practice session, where you can hear excerpts from the music used in the DVD so that you can practice, and invent your own accentuated moves.
Now’s the time to get creative! The sky is the limit!!

Introducing… the World’s FIRST Musicality DVD or Download! #29

Unprecedented – Ground-Breaking !!

… with Master Musicalist, Peter Fige from Hungary!

How the story of the music is interpreted by bodies in motion. Beg/Int/Adv Salsa “Musicality” with Peter Fige of Hungary by Edie, the Salsa Freak, and Peter Fige

“Becoming a Musicalist is one of the highest levels you can reach in Salsa social dancing.” – Edie, The Salsa FREAK

Is this you?…
…You step on the dance floor, execute a few turn patterns and combinations, throw down a few shines, put in your favorite styling moves, do more figures, then the song is over. Now imagine this… You and your partner step on the dance floor, the music starts. It may be a thriller, an action movie, or a love story. You both interpret the storyline with your bodies. You picture the highlights of the piece, play with the music and with each other. Your style, your feeling in the dance, and your contrasting sharp, then soft accents, are all in perfect unity with the music…

All this does not require months of choreographing and rehearsing. In this groundbreaking DVD, Edie and Peter teach you how to use the style of the music to build up your dance to fit the “story” of the music. They explain the secrets to the structure of the music so that you can easily interpret the changes, hits, and breaks. You will learn over 30 different Musicality Moves, (solo moves for both men and women, and partner work moves) that will fit virtually ANY situation in the music.

Dear Edie,
I have to give you a special THANK YOU! for Making that Incredible Musicality DVD. You and Peter just nail it and break it all down so well. I just love your pockets of moves and the practice parts of the DVD.(Great Idea) You are so right, Peter is such an incredible lead. WOW!
Just amazing to see both of you dancing with the music. Its SO BREATH TAKING! Its exactly how I want to be dancing. I just love the part were Peter say, we need to let you have your underwear.(LOL) . THANK YOU again for helping me take my dancing to the next Level. :):):):):):):):):):):)
– Lino – Los Angeles

Advanced Fige’s Figures with Peter Fige of Hungary DVD or Download #24
by Edie, the Salsa Freak and Peter Fige

Here we demonstrate 20 fabulous dance figures and combinations, each with its own story to tell. Some figures are unforgettably romantic, others have a sharp contrast, or a contrary nice flow. They all provide thrill, surprise and challenge for both the leader and the follower to master, and teach you solid lead / follow techniques. The moves are explained in both directions, Peter explains the lead, then Edie demonstrates styling for the ladies. She also gives priceless tips for the guys on what Peter is doing with his lead that makes it look and feel more comfortable for the follower. Included are three dance demonstrations where Peter and Edie improvise with each other and the music in such perfect unity that it looks as if the entire piece was choreographed or rehearsed – when in fact, it wasn’t.
For advanced, or ambitious intermediate dancers.