Grow Longer, Thicker, and More Beautiful Lashes!

Are Your Eyelashes Mysteriously Thinning, Shrinking or Disappearing?

The amazing miracle eyelash growing product will give you the beautiful lashes you desire in just a few weeks!

My eyelashes have DOUBLED in less than 6 months! Doubled in Thickness, Length, Strength and Quality! Now, I get asked ALL the time, “Edie, are those your real lashes?” And I can honestly say, “Yes, they REALLY are!”

BEFORE – With Mascara

Photo Shoot taken in 2006 for a DVD cover. I even curled my lashes that day, and put on loads of mascara – to no avail.

No photo retouching at all

AFTER – With a Little Mascara

(Six Months of Continuous Use)
Photo taken on 7/1/08 at an evening party – look at the LENGTH of my lashes!

No photo retouching at all

AFTER – Without Mascara

(Six Months of Continuous Use)
I don’t even NEED mascara anymore! OMG!

No photo retouching at all

What you need to know:

  • Please allow 2 months for the growth effect to start.
  • You must apply it every day for at least those 2 months.
  • With correct use, each bottle should last you between 3-4 months.
  • The eyelash growth is strong, thick, and PERMANENT.
  • Tried, tested, and certified by one of the most sought-after, Board-Certified plastic surgeons in world, Dr. Daniel Man.
  • Uses the latest cutting edge peptide and plant stem cell technologies.
  • Active Ingredients are myristoyl pantapeptide and apple stem cells.

Unedited Photo: 12/19/2012

A Personal Message From Edie:

YES, this eyelash grower “really does” work! I just cannot keep this to myself and see all my other fellow sisters suffering through eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, excessive mascara, pulling out your lashes on accident from removing all the above.

I am an instructor, and naturally I am on this planet to serve others, and educate, so it’s in my nature to educate people about ANY great thing.

I admit, I was skeptical at first, but I persisted, and after about a month, I started to feel the “tingling” feeling of hair growth on my eyelid tips! Then after about two months of consistent use, within ONE WEEK, suddenly a burst of new stronger and longer eyelashes started to grow out, and I am not kidding, I feel like a GIRAFFE! My boyfriend calls me “Ms. Snufalufagus from Seseme Street!” THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! I simply curl them after application, and VOILA!!

When I visited my parents recently (every six months) my mom thought I was wearing fake eyelashes! LOL! Now she is absolutely convinced and uses the product!

I spent hundreds of dollars in the past on eyelash extensions that only lasted a MONTH. I’ve spent hundreds on fake eyelashes and glue, and even more on mascara over the years. NEVER AGAIN.

Since using the product, I have thrown away all of my false performance eyelashes! When I perform onstage, all I use now is a TAD of mascara and VOILA! My lashes now touch my eyebrows. Wearing no mascara is now the answer!

Trust me. It really does work. I am living proof of this incredible invention!


“Hi Edie, I received the miracle eyelash grower the day after I returned from the Canadian Salsa Congress – 10/13. In only one week I see a difference. My lashes are thicker and longer already. I cannot believe it. I will wait a while longer and send you some photos. Thanks so much for sharing this terrific product! You are the best!” – Kelly

“Edie, If it wasn’t “you”, I would have never bought this stuff. But because I trust you and your sterling reputation in this business, I thought I would take the plunge and give it a shot. omg. YOU WEREN’T KIDDING!!!! This stuff DOES WORK. My lashes are thicker, stronger, and already people are starting to take notice. Thank you so much Edie. I’m already spreading the word!” – Noriko

“Hi Edie, this stuff is unbelievable! Look at my lashes Edie! It really works!!;)..” – Tanya

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