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Edie, The Salsa FREAK of the USA – Set of 14 Downloads

Survival Guide to Relationships in the Dance Scene E-Book
E-Book by Edie, the Salsa Freak
E-Book: $9.95 Free Shipping
“A Survival Guide” to Relationships
in the Dance Scene E-Book

Ever wonder if a relationship
with another dancer could actually work?

An Incredible “Insight” by Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Edie, YOU of all people, are the ONLY PERSON I actually trust on this subject. – CZ, New York, NY

Your E-book helped me make a decision that ultimately saved my life – literally.”
– MN, Los Angeles, CA

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Get Both Volumes 1 and 2
60 Minutes Each
Salsa Steals E-book
E-Book: $9.95 Free Shipping
Salsa Steals Volume 1 Instructional DVD
Volume 1
Salsa Steals Volume 2 Instructional DVD
Volume 2
Salsa Steals!!

“Seamless” and Wonderful
Stealing Techniques for Men!

… and Free “Bonus” Techniques
… for Women!!

Edie the Salsa Freak with jacque Ho and Mark Reagan
Master Stealers
Jacques Ho and Mark Reagan

Jacques Ho is an active Certified Black Belt Salsa (BBS©)Instructor

Dance Business Management Logo
– Improver /Intermediate to Advanced –

Over 60 – Steal Moves!!

GREAT for Social Dancing
or Creating Choreography!

Learn how to “Borrow” a dance partner from your buddy for a few seconds DURING a song… without causing a TRAIN WRECK in the process!

“Edie, there is a real ‘Art’ to this … I caused a ‘train wreck’ the other day trying to “steal” a woman during a song. It ain’t that easy – but the look on the women’s faces when we do it… There is NOTHING like it.

I have a renewed love for Salsa now. This Stealing stuff is HOT!!”
– Male Salsero

“Edie, omg I was “stolen” back and forth between two guys at the Salsa club the other night,
The feeling was so awesome… I almost had an orgasm.”
– Female Salsera

“Edie, I love being stolen! It boosts my ego… and I TOTALLY FORGOT about my car being towed earlier that day!!”
– Female Salsera

Understand the Timing, Moves, and Transitions to make your Steals “SMOOTH and SEAMLESS”.

Edie The Salsa FREAK – Feminine Power: #54
“What Men Need and Desire” $24.99
The PERFECT DVD for the woman in your life, who wants to truly understand what men need and desire out there.

  • She wants to give him his BEST DANCE every time.
  • She wants to blow him away with her AWESOME SENSUAL energy
  • She wants to express her TRUE FEMININE AURA in a classy, and Powerful way
  • She wants him DREAMING about her after that dance.
  • She wants him to think of HER when he wakes up in the morning.
  • She wants to play the BEST game out there and leave him wanting HER at the end of every song!!
In this unprecedented 3-Hour workshop (condensed to 90 minutes), Edie shares the Inner Secrets of inner Feminine Power on the Dance floor.

She asked some of the top male dancers in the city to share with women WHAT exactly they are looking for in a Great “follow”.

Details of arm placement, under/over – styling, speed of steps, spins, tension, connection, feminine hip display movements, and more were discussed and practiced. This is the PERFECT DVD for attaining a World Class Follow and giving him EXACTLY what he wants!

The PERFECT GIFT for the woman of your life!!

What Women Want Volume 1 Instructional DVD
What Women Want E-Book

Workshop DVD Plus E-Study Book $39.99

Includes 44-page manual of Edie’s Extensive and Detailed Notes, Narrative, Comments, and Full Workshop Documenation with Diagrams

Workshop DVD Only: $29.99
What Women Want E-Book
44-Page E-Study Book Only: $9.95
Free shipping
New 2011 Release
– DVD or Download for Men –



Some of the Best-Kept
“Alpha-Male” SECRETS on EARTH

“Never before has something like this been attempted…”

“What Women Want” – Men’s Workshop
Volume 1
– DVD or Download #56

– All Levels –

“Dear Edie,
“Edie,… Edie,… Edie !

I love you.
I read the e-book.
You are a genius ! While the common running of people, the majority of people feel something and can’t explain what they are feeling, and why, … and You, You have this wonderful talent to understand and breaking down the whole process we are going through , and get out all its components in order to educate, to coach anyone who crave to learn more (the alpha male triangle concept for attraction is just brillant).

I agree for saying the way we act on the dance floor is extensively the way we (should) act in normal life through the dating and courtship process.
I suspected something about the body language and you’re giving me the answers (stance and posture which women will judge the male dancers).
The man sees things, the woman feels things… for a guy it’s difficult to understand this but that’s the law of nature and we can’t do anything.
Plus, the illustrations translate precisely the writings into visual examples. I love them.

Let me tell you a personal story.
When I met you years ago in LA (2001), what is in your e-book was what I wanted you to teach me, not fancy moves, not fancy turns to impress other ones, I had some vague intuition on parts of the what women want thing, unfortunately at that time it wasn’t clear in my mind, it was rather a blur in my mind so I couldn’t tell and couldn’t express exactly what I wanted to learn.
You gave me some elements and I did my own journey for years to grab some other elements here and there – and today you, you are the only one from the Salsa scene who took the time to actually demonstrate and write clearly about what’s inside women’s minds, and I am reading it!

I am looking forward to watching the DVD.

But In my humble opinion, the majority of male dancers are NOT READY to receive such information even if you punch your fist in their faces.
I am not saying that they don’t disserve it, what I mean is before accepting this type of knowledge, first they must go through a natural process of learning the basics, then more and more sophisticated moves and perhaps only one day any environmental event or any personal event would trigger the feeling of wanting to do some research which would lead them to connecting Salsa dancing a step closer to the dating and relationship area for having success with every girl on the dance floor.

Here’s what comes into my mind while reading your work Edie, I may have other thoughts later, for the moment I’ll give you a 9 out of 10, I am waiting for the DVD and we’ll see if you disserve a 10 !
Erick from Reunion Island

“Dear Edie,
After your workshop, I saw the biggest impact my masculine essence had EVER had on a woman during a dance…” J. Ho


“Dear Edie,
I especially appreciate your “What Women Want” DVD. This is like gold to me, because I find women rarely tell or admit to me what they really want. Right? I truly feel that you have reached out your hand to the benefit men & women everywhere with this one.
Has anyone ever done this??
And who better to take this advice from a woman such as you Edie? That’s why I know I can trust it. – M. Zucker


“Dear Edie,
This workshop not only changed the way I dance, but also changed the way I think about women.” – M. Bradley


“Dear Edie,
My confidence just shot through the roof with this DVD. Thank you.”
– M. Martinez


Eddie, I write to thank you for the DVDs. I have received them. Amazing. Am also grateful for what you have done and written in the “WHAT WOMEN WANT PDF” i have read it and its all true. its the things we think we know, but you have put it so well. great stuff.

I have learnt the following.

– I should dance to the music, be one with the music.
– Not dance the girl, but just enjoy the music.

My weakness was getting the salsa rythm, i used to be pathetic. but my teachers always said, listen to salsa music more and all the time. While this helps, i want to say that to some it is not enough, especially if you have no music background (never danced, just a normal IT geek or IT freak)

After reading your PDF and trying out a few basic turns when dancing with a girl and just keeping at a minimum, i have realised i enjoyed it much more than when trying to do complicated stuff. And the girl love it. it was just right turn, then leftturn then her right turn and cross body leady – the whole song. I am now on a mission to improve my salsa timing and rhthym. This will hopefull take my dancing to a new level. I have made a commitment to start from the most basic timing exercises, and to progress step by step.

Kind regards Elvis


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Gentlemen ONLY: Create the MAGIC she CRAVES on the dance floor…


Ever wonder why she’s not smiling while she’s dancing with you? Why she seems to be making “a list” in her mind? Why is it that she smiles and enjoys herself with that guy over there, but when she dances with “You”, her face becomes a BLANK STARE?

Do you ever think to yourself,… “Gosh, I’ve run out of moves… $#|@!!”mens_workshop

What is it about your dancing that she’s not impressed with?
You know all the moves, combinations, and turn patterns.
You’ve taken ALL the classes, you bought ALL the DVDs,
and you STILL can’t seem to create that magic with her?

Never before has a workshop like this ever taken place. In this Ground-Breaking and UNPRECEDENTED 1.5-hour long DVD for men, Edie addresses specifically what men have been dying to know about women – for centuries.

What goes on in a woman’s mind?
What is she thinking?
Am I not “good enough” for her?
Do I not know enough moves?
Why does she seek other guys to dance with, and I have to practically BEG for her to dance with ME?
What is HE doing, that I’m not?
How can I possibly satisfy her?

With a refreshing openness and honesty that only Edie, The Salsa FREAK is known for, you will learn styling, appearance, attitude, facial expressions, body gestures, posture, finess, inner strength, affection, Musicality, and WHAT WOMEN TRULY WANT FROM YOU.


Make the Simple Look POWERFUL
Surprise her with MASCULINE Hot and Steamy patterns and secrets that are simple, yet impressive.
Avoid looking feminine.
Perform slick moves that emit your dominance as a male.
Learn secrets ONLY WORLD CLASS LEADS know and understand.
Make your dance style SKY ROCKET to the next level.
Take what you will learn BEYOND the dance floor.
Increase your COMPREHENSION of the female species.

… She will Love it!!

Edie has been mentally preparing this Men’s Workshop DVD series since 2005. She herself could not figure out what made her “tick” with certain men, and “not” with others. When she finally figured it out, she couldn’t WAIT to share it with the world. Edie explains and demonstrates what exactly women want from their male partners. She not only unveils deep secrets within the minds of women, but also uniquely dispells MANY myths, beliefs, and misconceptions from both the male and female point of view.

This is Volume 1 of a Seven-Part series.

The PERFECT gift for the MALE(S) IN YOUR LIFE!!

DVD Time: 1 Hour, 36 minutes

Comes with Complete Written Documentation passed out at the workshop, her detailed notes, diagrams, and comments in an E-Study Book format. ($10 extra)

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Ladies Styling Vol 1 with Salomon Rivera: #36
Edie’s World Famous Ladies Styling – Volume 1
Critically acclaimed as the number one Ladies Styling DVD in the world, Edie explains in clear terms how to elegantly stylize with your dance partner.
Award Winning Latin Dance Champion Salomon Rivera assists her demonstrating the “How To’s” of styling without interrupting your partner, nor timing.

DVD Time: 2 Hours

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Ladies Styling Vol. 2: #37
Prerequisite purchase: Ladies Styling Volume I. THIS IS A TWO-HOUR DVD!!! Over a year of work was put into it, and I’m telling you, THERE’S A TON OF INFO IN HERE!!!! Not only do I cover styling techniques that will work no matter what type of partner you have, but I also answer a lot of questions about etiquette, style, when and when not to do certain moves, how to ask a guy to dance without looking like an idiot, how to politely say “no”, how to deal with drunks, how and when to wear a posture brace, T-stance moves, hijacking moves, (yes, I said, it “Hijacking”….!!!!!) AND SO MUCH MORE THAT IF I GO ON, YOU’LL GO CRAZY WAITING TO WATCH IT!!!

I also role-model partner and solo shines styling in a “Glamour Girl” outfit, a “City Girl” outfit, and a “Rebel Girl” outfit, demonstrating the types of styling moves you can do, not only with different outfits, but when you’re in different moods. The moves are demonstrated both on the “One” and the “Two”, and though named level II, the moves range from Beginner through Highly Advanced. This is the perfect gift for any woman who wants to look and feel great out there – no matter what she’s wearing, what type of mood she’s in, or what partner she ends up with! She’ll just love it!

DVD Time: 1 Hour, 30 minutes

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Edie’s World Famous Spins DVD!: #33
Foundational for all types and levels of dances, Edie’s World Famous Spins DVD reveals secrets only the best spinners in the world know.
She clearly breaks down the mechanics of high-speed turns and spins for both men and women. In simplistic terms, Edie teaches the shortcuts to “Finding Your Center” without the years of intense ballet and jazz training. With fabulous speed and control, Edie not only explains spot turns, and pivots, but also the partnering aspect of starting, controlling, and stopping spins. This is a fabulous DVD for the budding and highly-advanced dancer.

Click here for Edie’s Article on Spins…

Jorge Elizondo – Salsa: No Partner No Problem Vol 1: #5
Beginners Ladies Salsa Acclaimed Latin Dance instructors Jorge Elizondo & Edie, The Salsa FREAK proudly introduce a new and exciting installment to their world renown DVD Series! The Ladies, No Partner, No Problem DVD is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to dance L.A. Style Salsa without a partner. Let Jorge introduce you to this fun and unique approach to Salsa. It’s Solo Salsa made simple for those times where you just want to cut loose with friends, family or even alone in the comfort of your own home. Edie demonstrates all of Jorge’s exclusive footwork turn patterns with an extra flare of style guaranteed to provide you with all the tools essential for Latin dancers at any level. This DVD provides ladies with all the Salsa turn patterns, styling, shines and footwork before they even get a partner! Most importantly, it’s Salsa made easy and fun. Join the thousands of students who have learned from Jorge and Edie worldwide. This video promises to be an enjoyable approach to dancing. Ladies, you no longer have an excuse, get on that dance floor and start having fun! Call up your friends and have a great time demonstrating these awesome techniques. Learn from the best and improve your dancing style!
Jorge Elizondo – Salsa: No Partner No Problem Vol 2: #6
World’s Best Leads Series
L.A. Style Salsa Continuation from Volume 1 DVD above…
Edie with Tito Puento
Edie and Tito Puente
Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Hot Latin Nightlife Timing CD: #7
FINALLY, an audio CD that shows you very clearly the similarities and the distinguishing differences between all the Latin dances!
Ever wonder what the difference is between Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Mambo,
Cumbia and Spanish Rock? This audio CD will explain to you EXACTLY what the differences are. Sometimes we get confused between a Salsa and a Mambo, or a Bachata and Cha Cha. For some of us, this is still difficult to understand. WELCOME TO THE ANSWER!! Listen to Edie’s story of her Salsa dance with Tito Puente! A perfect gift for the Beginner / Novice in your life!
Edie with Tito Puente
Edie’s Performance and Choreography DVD: #47
“In the world of Choreography and Performing, there are very few people on earth who understand it better than Edie, The Salsa FREAK. There are even fewer who will reveal their secrets to the world.

How do you make a dance routine Magical… Memorable or even Majestic? How do the World’s Elite come up with such amazing choreography? How do they keep out-doing themselves every year? And at the same time, how does a dance team remain only a One-Hit Wonder?

What are the “World’s Elite” dance couples and teams doing on a consistent basis that keeps them at the top of their game? Who is helping them? Why do these dancers keep winning? Where are they getting their ideas? How are they able to get along with each other so well? What kind of discipline do they have? What type of mental exercises do they do to develop the inner-strength, courage, and determination to keep going when the going gets tough or next to impossible? WHEN do they have the time to practice with such a grueling travel schedule?

In this ground-breaking, mind-altering DVD, Edie The Salsa FREAK breaks all the “Rules of Secrecy” into “what it takes to be Number One”. She brings you almost twenty years of her own professional dance training and performing experience both on and off stage. She has personally taught, performed, judged, choreographed, competed, and experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of “The feet” (defeat) in over sixty countries throughout the world.

Her presentation is uniquely delivered in an informal, unrehearsed Seminar / Narration format, while teaching a group of dancers the tricks and secrets of World Class Choreography and Performance techniques.

The PERFECT gift for your dance partner, dance team, or your “self”!!

Edie gives special thanks to the creators of LA Style Salsa, Mr. Francisco Vazquez, Luis Vazquez, Johnny Vazquez, Joby Brava, Janette Valenzuela, Alex da Silva, and Enio Cordoba. Special thanks to Al “Liquid Silver” Espinoza, and Salomon Rivera.”

Al Espinoza – Beginning Latin Nightlife DVD Cha Cha Bachata Merengue Salsa: #4
Edie, also known as “The Salsa FREAK” teaches a quick-start clear-cut Beginner Videocovering the four standard Latin dances found at most Latin nightclubs, parties, and weddings throughout the world. In easy to understand terms, Edie and her professional dance partners Al Espinoza, Rafael Ayure, and Elvis Arevalo demonstrate the basics of dancing Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, and Bachata. In simplistic terms, the viewer can watch each fifteen minute segment, and get the basics down good enough to last the entire evening dancing comfortably with virtually any dancer, at any level. Watch the video in the morning and go dancing that night! The perfect gift that will prepare you and your friends for any wedding, party, or Hot Latin Nightclub!

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Intermediate Nightclub Syllabus 103 to 106: #2

Starring Jorge Cruz, Jose-Luis Gutierrez Frank Fuentes, and Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Salsa 103 thru 106 is a continuation of the College Curriculum course developed by one of the most sought-after Salsa Instructors in the world.  This Syllabus is a result of over 12 years of research and refinement of Salsa moves and techniques used by some of the world’s best social Salsa dancers.

Internationally acclaimed and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Edie, The Salsa FREAK reveals her secrets to training budding Salseros to stardom in the dance world.  Edie has devised a unique system of simplifying complex Salsa turn patterns into simple, easy-to-follow steps. 

Through a unique concept based on families of moves , her entire course focuses around the woman’s footwork.  Edie simplifies Salsa dancing into grouping steps that are commonly used throughout the dance.  Her unique method allows the leader to more easily remember moves without boring his partner.  At the same time he will be learning a technically perfect lead.

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! – Beginner Night Club Style Salsa FREAK Syllabus 101 TO 102: #1

Starring Jorge Cruz, Jose-Luis Gutierrez Frank Fuentes, and Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

This DVD Set is a College Curriculum course developed by one of the most sought-after Salsa Instructors in the world, Edie, The Salsa FREAK.  This Syllabus is a result of over 12 years of research and refinement of Salsa moves and techniques used by some of the world’s best social Salsa dancers.

It is ideal for instructors who want to…

  • Start using some sort of Salsa Syllabus

  • Learn a more technically perfect lead

  • Understand the concepts of lead and follow

  • Know for sure that what you are teaching is correct.

  • Utilize technically detailed and more thorough methods of teaching

  • Show technically perfect lead and follow techniques.